Mansur Gavriel’s first sample sale 2018 is starting tomorrow in West Hollywood. Fun stuff!

The sale will be held from 8/23-8/26 from 8am-8pm except for 8/26 it will be 10am-6pm.

Here are some of the bags they had at the sample sale. Certain bags will be restocked daily.


LA에 처음으로 만수르 가브리엘 샘플세일을 한다는 꿀정보를 입수하고…

제가 미리가봤어요 🙂

주소는 포스트 맨 아래 적어놨어요. 직원에게 들은바로는 스탁이 꽤 넉넉한것 같아요.



So many bucket bags in different colors

버킷백은 사이즈별로, 색깔별로 많았어요!



Calf leather bags were mostly 50% off from the regular price. Patent and fabric were 70% off. Now THAT is a really good deal!


Look at this itty bitty bucket bag. It’s RiRi size! (My doggy!)




 Totes in various colors/sizes

Reduction % is based on the retail price

I was tempted to get this dusty pink patent tote but I ended up not getting it. Looked a little big for my frame.

I’m really into small bags these days!

살까말까하다가 사이즈가 좀 커보여 안산 가방인데 70% 여서 더 고민됐음 ㅎㅎ



All shoes were $150 – Mostly suede.

신발은 거의 다 굽없는 슬라이드 종류였고, 스웨이드가 많았어요.



Hope you guys get something cute! 🙂

득템하시길 바래요!




631 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, 90069



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