Birthday 2018 – Four Seasons The Biltmore Santa Barbara

It was my birthday past weekend! YAY Thanks everyone for wishing me happy birthday and showering me with love!

Hubby and I planned a mini getaway to Santa Barbara very last minute and we had such a lovely time at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara especially with our little pookie Riri!

생일겸 미니 휴가를 다녀왔어요! 생일축하해주신분들 감사합니다. 🙂

산타바바라에는 여러번 가봤지만 포시즌 호텔은 이번이 처음이었어요. 강아지 데리고 갈수 있어서 특히 좋은것같아요.

I’m very much into Spanish interior these days and Four Seasons Santa Barbara was absolutely gorgeous in every possible way.

요즘 스페니쉬 스타일 인테리어에 꽂혀있어서 그런지 호텔 구석구석이 더 눈길이 갔어요.

Beautiful Bougainvillea along the wall


We decided to just stay in the first night. We had tapas and some drinks at the Ky lounge. Loved the live music! 첫날은 피곤해서 호텔에 있는 라운지에서 저녁먹고 쉬었어요. 여기 라운지 밤에 라이브 뮤직 넘좋았음!


But first, mirror selfie heh

Headed to the beach. The lobby area. Look at the ceiling! Gorgeous.

Riri enjoying the beach! This was her second time at the beach and she did better than the first time! Hopefully someday she will be brave enough to jump in the water!

리리는 이번이 두번째 바닷가 여행이었는데 산책도 하고 새들 구경도 하고 잘 놀았어요. 바닷가에 들어가서 노는것도 보고싶은데 언제쯤 용감해지려나 ㅎㅎ

Look how tired she is lol. Of all the places…she would sleep on the pillow. #doggolife 개들은 꼭 저렇게 젤 푹신한데를 찾아서 자더라. 집에선 침대에 못올라오니까 봐줬다. 


Breakfast was at the restaurant near the lobby called Bella Vista. Loved the fresh squeezed juice and the view! 생과일쥬스 넘 맛있었고 뷰도 엄청 좋았던 패티오 자리


The spread. #breakfastofchamps 


Riri enjoying the sun while we are eating. Pet friendly everywhere except the spa & pool area. 포시즌 산타바바라는 거의 모든곳에 애완동물 출입이 가능해요. 스파랑 수영장 빼고~ 


Went to the “Funk Zone” where all these cute wineries are at. I chose the Jamie Slone because there was supposed to be a cute doggo at the winery but unfortunately she was on her vacay. Enjoyed the rose tho! 산타바바라에는 Funk Zone 이라는 귀여운 와이너리들이 모여있는곳이 있는데 그중에 강아지가 있는 와이너리를 찾아서 갔어요. 안타깝게도 강아지가 휴가(?)중이셔서 ㅋㅋㅋ안계심. 남편이랑 수다떨며 와인마시고 저녁먹으러 갔어요 ㅎㅎ


Sunset in Santa Barbara

LOVE Bougainvillea 꽃이 예뻐서 히히


View from the spa. Weather was so nice the whole time we were there! 3일 내내 날씨 진짜 넘 좋았어요. 


In front of the spa lobby – Massage was so so. hehe… 스파 자체는 예뻤는데 마사지는 그냥 쏘쏘 였다..헷


Anddd we drove back to LA! Barely made it to our dinner because of the traffic but what a relaxing, fun filled weekend.  그리고 세시간 걸려서 엘에이에 겨우 도착해서 후다닥 준비하고 저녁먹으러 갔어요. ㅎㅎ 행복한 생일 주말이었네요.

Thanks guys!



Where I stayed:

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

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