Paris 2018 – Part I




Paris, France 2018

I finally got to organize all my photos! Hooray!

Honestly though, I wasn’t sure what to post. I took way too many pictures of food, hotels and eiffel tower that I couldn’t figure out how to narrow them down to a blog post. BUT I did want to post these pics our photographer took. I’ll post his info at the end so scroll all the way down if you are curious!

파리에서 이것저것 찍은 사진이 몇천장이다 보니 도대체 어떻게 뭘 포스팅 해야할지 감이 안잡혀서 아예 안하고 있었어요… 솔직히 음식 사진만 모아서 올리면 넘 no잼일것같구 ..

하.지.만. 작년과 똑같은 사진작가님에게 촬영한 스냅사진들 만큼은 꼭 포스트해야겠다 마음먹고 앉아서 사진정리 & 보정 하다보니 또 다시 파리에 가고싶다 ㅠ___ㅠ


Paris was amazing especially at NIGHT. I really think it is the most romantic city we’ve been to and I’m sure hubby agrees with me! 파리는 특히 밤에 더 로맨틱하고 예뻐요. 다시 신혼여행지를 고르라고 했으면 파리를 거쳐서 갈수있는 어딘가를 선택했을지도.
Same spot we took photos in 2017. 작년에도 사진촬영 했던곳.
Loved my for love and lemons All that glitter star dress. I’m wearing size xs. I was looking for the perfect dress to wear for this shoot and seriously could not find anything. As I was going through my closet, I found this dress I wore for my 30th birthday. Love love love! 로즈골드 별이 붙어있는 이 포 러브앤 레몬 드레스도 낮보다 밤에 더 예뻐보이네요. 사실 작년 생일에 입고 한번도 안입고 놔둔 드레스인데, 뭘입을까 고민하면서 옷장 뒤지다가 발견하고 엄청 신났었음 ㅎㅎ

Meet me in Paris 센느강 옆.
Hubby @drdonyoo 남편 웃는 모습이 맘에 들어서 인스타에도 올렸던 사진
Paris is always a good idea.


Check out our photographer @jeong_ilkwon He is based in Paris/Seoul however, he is coming to LA in November for a project.

Excited to collaborate with him again!

Hope you enjoyed these pics. Thanks a lot, guys!


Paris in the rain

Click to watch the short clip I made for ig

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